Data Management & Business Intelligence as a Service

Unlocking the value of data is a journey that we can help you with.

Data Management

It starts with data management, having your data together in one place and having it cleaned and enriched so it’s available for use.

Dashboards & Reports

The first value extracted from data is through dashboard and reports, knowing what’s going on and how things are going.

Analyses & Insights

Moving further, problems and challenges can be solved using analytics and the insights we gain from them.

Actions & Suggestions

When decision making is based on data, the process can be automated or streamlined.

Your Fashion Analytics Partner

Fashion Analytics done right will have a positive impact on your business. Help us understand you and your business needs so that we can serve you better.

Our Fashion Analytics team

These people will help you with your data and analytics needs

Jaap van Liere
Analytics Translator

As Founder and Analytics Translator at Jaap enjoys working on all sorts of data related projects. He finds meaning in making the complex simple and loves helping people become their best version.

Jaap van Liere
Analytics Translator
Peter Verheijen
Data Scientist

As Founder and Data Scientist at Peter enjoys helping fashion retailers with all sorts of challenges regarding data management and analytics. He and data are best friends.

Peter Verheijen
Data Scientist
Robbert Jan Hanse

As serial entrepreneur Robbert Jan enjoys developing disruptive data companies for stodgy old industries. Robbert Jan has in depth personal experience in online marketing, corporate sales, and private equity deal making. On his way to Holland Startup, Robbert Jan co-founded two companies (2012) an European Big Data E-Mail Publisher and E2Ma (2002), an European leader in Online Lead Generation.

Robbert Jan Hanse
René Roskamp

Based on a solid background in software development, project and team management, my ambition is to help young entrepreneurs and organization improve with no-nonsense technology. By knowing the business domain, as well as the technology domain, I'm strong in translation business needs to highly performing products and teams.

René Roskamp

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